Imagine a kitchen that looks simply beautiful – muted colours, stylish features, a large stunning central island…

  Now imagine your pots and pans don’t all quite fit in, you don’t have enough room to display your gorgeous glassware, your cutlery draw is crammed full, you have more tinned and packet food that you can possibly store.

We make sure that doesn’t happen. By understanding how you live, and what you need from a kitchen, we’ll ensure your new kitchen looks stunning and can also cope with the practical demands you place on it. We have a wealth of experience in clever kitchen storage that we can share with you.

Here’s a few examples of how our innovative kitchen storage solutions can stop you from getting all hot and bothered in the kitchen…

Cluttered worktop?

If you love the minimal look and find it annoying having your kettle, mixer and toaster on display, we have the answer. Our perfectly sized and positioned worktop cupboards are the ideal solution to tuck gadgets away, whilst keeping them easily accessible. It’s just one of the many clever kitchen ideas we have up our sleeves.

  Clever kitchen storage ideas with worktop tidy

Distracted by a messy kitchen?

Maybe you’re entertaining and don’t want your guests to see all the dirty pots and pans left out. Or perhaps you’re working from home and want to avoid the biscuit cupboard! Wouldn’t it be great if, in an instant, you could hide all the mess, and the temptation?

In our modern lives we combine living space and food preparation though we don’t always want them to mix. We’ve made this possible with our bespoke sliding screen – it’s like a little bit of magic! Just pull it across and hey presto! It instantly removes everything from sight. It’s the ultimate solution for clever kitchen organisation.

  Clever kitchen storage ideas with sliding screens

Tray troubles?

Trays aren’t the easiest things to store – they take up a lot of room and can stuck at the bottom of a big draw, with lots of things piled on top. Wouldn’t it be great if your trays could be stored tidily, with easy access and compliment the kitchen space without being hidden? We thought so too! As experts in bespoke kitchen organisation, we’ve designed unique tray storage in our custom-made kitchen islands. All you need to decide is what lovely treats you’re going to serve up on those handy to reach trays!

Bottle it

No need to throw away bottles just because they’re cluttering up your cupboards. Keep your reusable glass bottles handy, yet out of sight, in our hidden away bespoke bottle storage.

Clever kitchen storage for bottles

Still want more?

If you just can’t get enough kitchen storage, then we can create large drawers in our island units, as all of our kitchens are completely bespoke. Perfect for pens and paper, recipes and cookbooks, or just all the (un)usual suspects that get stuffed away as the kitchen is just the right place to keep them!

And for those budding chefs out there who have a vast array of containers, packets, bottles, and jars that all need a good home, why not commission us to create a free-standing kitchen pantry unit to house all your ingredients? We can design it to blend in perfectly with your new kitchen, or we can create one in a different style and colour to make it into a stunning statement feature.

Lighten up

Let’s not leave things hanging. Transform your kitchen shelves with our flush fitting shelf lights. They’ll highlight any decorative accessories you want to display in your kitchen, whether it’s your coffee making paraphernalia, china, shimmering glassware, or even wonky thumb pots made by the children.

  Clever kitchen storage ideas pantry

Wine o’clock?

Fed up with freestanding wine racks that take up space? We pride ourselves on kitchen space saving ideas and can create bespoke wine storage underneath your kitchen island – it saves space, looks good, and – even better – makes the bottles very easily accessible! Can they be too accessible?

If it’s good enough for Rick Stein…

It was an amazing challenge, being asked to undertake the planning and kitchen design for one of the UK’s most well-known chefs and restauranteurs. We were thrilled to have been chosen to design Rick Stein’s kitchen and we are incredibly proud of the end result.

Our kitchen design and clever kitchen storage ideas also regularly feature in lifestyle magazines, such as Country Homes & Interiors, and have won several awards from Houzz Design, the home design website. Keep your eye out for our next entry. It could be yours!

How we can help you

  At Thomas & Thomas, we’ve been designing luxurious, yet highly practical kitchens for over 20 years and, over this time, have built up an impressive reputation for our stunning kitchen designs, thoughtful approach and intricate craftsmanship. Kitchens have become so much more than just somewhere to prepare food. They are now the most fundamental living space in the whole house, a place where people meet, chat, socialise, entertain, relax and work… in fact, pretty much everything but sleep! Before we start your kitchen design, we’ll make sure we really understand how you’ll use it, to ensure we deliver a pragmatic design solution that’s perfectly tailored to you. We like to visualise how you as a family spend your time in this room – who will use it, how and when; how much entertaining you do; who works from home; and what your plans for the future may be. We’re a small team working with clients all over the UK. We are proud to deliver an incredibly personal service, directly with Design Director Robert Entwistle. If you’d like to arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements, or for tips on kitchen organisation, please email us or call us on 01484 442883. Let’s create the perfect the perfect home. Contact Thomas & Thomas about your kitchen project
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