Making the most of a small space – In our latest First Look, we demonstrate how good kitchen design can enhance original features in smaller areas and retain the character of the architecture.

Robert, our Design Director, took full advantage of this opportunity to embrace the customers’ wishes, creating an extremely functional room to entertain friends and cook mouthwatering meals.

What we did

The challenge in a cottage kitchen/dining environment is to provide preparation; cooking and storage areas, which are accessible while guests and family, are seated.

Bringing light

Presented with a wonderful original wall as a natural focus point, we gave the room warmth and light using floating shelves above the AGA with flush fitted LED light which highlighting the natural stone. Light work surfaces reflect a huge amount of light and were used to good effect to lift the end of the kitchen, which has no direct natural light source.

Clever storage

The large traditional free-standing larder provides an ample amount of storage, while accommodating the fridge and freezer, this work well in smaller kitchen and fits with the ambience of the room.  
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