Which Wood Should I Choose for my Kitchen?

Here at Thomas & Thomas, we understand that to invest in a bespoke design – be it a kitchen, statement piece or whole house renovation – frequently means a blank canvas. What we all need sometimes is a reassuring, expert hand to take us through the options. That’s why we’re here. In this guide we’ll talk about the best materials for your project and why Thomas & Thomas recommend them.

What we all know about wood

Oiled, stained or painted, real wood will always enhance your kitchen or project design. As a medium to shape your style and for natural beauty there is no comparison.

Your kitchen, your choice

Responsible for you home’s heart, the partnership with your kitchen designer is important. Just as important are the woods they select for it’s construction. Trading quality for cost can suit many but is often counterproductive. Not all hardwoods are alike. Nature and millions of years have shaped each species, creating different grains, giving some beauty and some strength. During construction, the strength of a grained wood builds structural integrity into the cabinetry, moulding it together in a way no other material can. The best combination of woods produces the most stable kitchen with great longevity. Examples of Kitchen Cabinet Interiors

How many different woods are in your kitchen?

In a Thomas & Thomas kitchen… Four. A mark of a quality kitchen is in the selection of the correct material for each part of a cabinet. Working together they create a kitchen that is beautiful and durable. Let’s talk about the options.

Doors and Frames

You might think Oak, much furniture is oak, solid and trustworthy but in fact the wood we select is American Poplar, also known as Tulip Wood. Its close, tight grain is perfection when holding colour. Painted with 2 coats from the Farrow & Ball range, a Thomas & Thomas kitchen achieves a perfect smooth surface unattainable with other woods.

Draw boxes

Pulled in and out and never a second thought. Internals should never be overlooked! Thomas & Thomas favour solid Oak in the internals of the cabinet to continue the luxury feel. The beauty of Oak combined with its hard wearing nature becomes a permanent reminder of the quality of the kitchen.

Carcasses and Cabinet Sills

The unseen hero, 18mm solid, rigid construction carcasses are the perfect solution for a sturdy structure edged with a solid oak lip. Fitted in your home by our expert installation team makes the perfect hardwearing base. Inside each cabinet is a 20mm Solid European Oak lip on the entry into cupboards, a great way to bring the luxury of the American Poplar to meet the structural integrity of the carcass.


As an alternative to a granite or quartz composite worktop the beauty of Oak, Walnut or Sycamore create warm luxury feel to the kitchen. The result is both hardwearing and beautiful, the long planks of solid wood showing beautiful grain add real character to your kitchen.

Truly bespoke and ready to refresh

The benefit of commissioning a bespoke kitchen or pieces of furniture for other rooms is to accommodate your exact requirements and compliment your way of living, enhancing the pleasure you and your family achieve from the space. Solid wood provides a long-lasting finish and the initial design is intended to endure for many years, with the natural colour palette of timber harmonising with almost any style and personality of room, flooring and décor.

About our Kitchens

Alongside the expertise of award winning Design Director Robert Entwistle, your consultation will allow you to explore all the options. With their unashamedly personal experience, Thomas & Thomas build lasting relationships with their clients to create your perfect home. For further inspiration, we invite you to download our Style Guide or call Robert on 01484 442883 to request a consultation or arrange a visit to our showroom. Thomas & Thomas – beautifully designed handmade kitchens & furniture for other rooms
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