Quality Hand Made Cabinet Makers

Consideration, Integrity & Utilisation

Custom, Bespoke & Hand Made

Skilled Craftsmen

Here at Thomas & Thomas our team of craftsmen are dedicated to offering the finest quality service. As a small business we pride ourselves on the finest service, meaning you get an unrivalled level of commitment from our team.

Complimenting design comes integrity, meaning every component of your furniture is truly utilised to enhance your own experience of your home..


Howard | Technical Director

Technical & Installation Perfection

Planning & Preparation

Howard heads the project management team to make sure all the installation of the furniture run smoothly. Liaising between all the onsite trades and our clients. This involves several sites visits, the preparation of service drawing for plumbing, gas and electrics, also recommending lighting positions.

Dedicated Fitters

Our fitters are also experienced cabinet makers ensuring that all the furniture is installed to the highest standard. Travelling the country you can be sure they will look after your home and install your new kitchen to perfection.

Detailed Cabinet Design

They say ‘the devil is in the detail’ meaning that something might seem simple at a first look but will take more time and effort to complete, this is true of our cabinetry design, we take the great care to ensure that every design detail is thought about.

Painting & Finishing

Once installed your cabinets undergo final preparation and are carefully given two coats of paint, brushed by hand by expert furniture finishers. In no other way can our cabinetry achieve the beautiful character and depth of colour of a Thomas & Thomas kitchen.

Let’s Begin

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